Our Team

SHAPE Medical Centre by Dr. Luiz Toledo has a team of highly qualified professionals who treat our patients with a tailor-made experience using the best and most advanced techniques and equipment. Added to the mix is the well-known Brazilian way of combining personalized treatments to obtain the best results from treatments, with top-notch care.

It begins with our specially trained staff, who are always looking to offer the best experiences. We truly believe each patient  is special, and deserves unique treatment and all our efforts. The importance of dedicating time, attention and great care is in our DNA. We strive to understand each patient’s needs and longings, which are key in offering the best treatment or set of treatments to make them feel well-cared for and important.

In addition to the personalized  care, SHAPE Medical Centre by Dr. Luiz Toledo is also distinguished by its concept of  promoting a healthy life style. We care about the well-being of our patients and encourage their  improvement of health and quality of life. We offer modern, reliable and quality aesthetic options, in which the priority is our client.

Brazil is widely recognized for its aesthetic know-how, education and training, with two Brazilian professionals leading our team. World renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Luiz Toledo, and body care specialist Annalice Bacon, pay very close attention to each and every patient to provide a customized treatment with total commitment.

Meet Annalice Bacon


From Brazil, Annalice Bacon shaped her career in both working towards her dream and perfecting her skills in the beauty industry. In São Paulo she set up her own cosmetic company called Fio de Ouro, which marked her grand entry to the beauty business.

In Dubai since 2008, Annalice’s love and dedication to her chosen mission – to be an ambassador of real beauty – brought her to conceptualize a more complete approach in providing beauty and aesthetic services with genuine care and utmost attention.

This is how Shape started:  as a simple vision with a splendid plan – the dream to cultivate and enhance beauty closer to perfection.

With many years of experience in the beauty industry and having worked with celebrities, models, and well known TV personalities, Annalice believes the path to beauty is a personal journey – more than just treatments.

“The level of satisfaction is more fulfilling when I see my clients not only as customers but loyal partners in achieving a more balanced and wonderful life full of beauty and love”. Annalice.